About us

Leading Through Innovation

As a trading company, Kopplen was established in 2016, marking our place as pioneers by launching one of the first USB-C hubs designed for the then-new 12-inch MacBook, followed by a groundbreaking MacBook Pro-compatible USB-C hub with HDMI functionality. These innovations positioned us as leaders in the connectivity market.

Pushing Through Barriers

Following the launch of our USB-C hubs, we introduced one of the market's 65W power banks specially designed for MacBook Pro which features an ultra-thin design. We chose this design to enable you to charge your MacBook Pro inside your backpack or briefcase, even while it's safely stored in a protective pouch.

Newest Products

In 2023, we were among the very few companies to successfully obtain approval for an Apply FindMy Certified tag called the Omnitag Essentials Locator. Following this achievement, we also developed a series of products with Qi2 certifications, which are slated for release in 2024. With our innovations and design team, we are certain we can achieve our goal of creating a comfortable, cohesive and efficient workspace.

Our Mission

With our straightforward yet bold vision to make Kopplen synonymous with seamless connectivity in work environments, Kopplen aims to create a comfortable, cohesive and efficient workspace.

Enhance The Work Space

In today's fast-paced digital environment, workspaces strive to remain efficient and comfortable, yet face challenges with connectivity, clutter, and power needs.

Our team recognized these multifaceted challenges early on and committed to not just solving them but also enhancing the overall workspace experience. Our solutions go beyond just connectivity; they take a comprehensive approach to workspace enhancement. We've broadened our product lineup to feature not just cutting-edge connectivity devices and power solutions but also ergonomic furniture like chairs and standing desks, all designed with a cohesive aesthetic.

Kopplen's ergonomic office chairs, monitor arms and electric standing tables improve posture and comfort, enhancing productivity and well-being.

Our cables, USB-C hubs and docking stations offer versatile connection options, ensuring seamless device integration.

Our power solutions features USB-C enabled high-capacity power banks & power bars, effortlessly charging all your devices to ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

We aim to create a comfortable, cohesive and efficient workspace for you.